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K Fresh:
Hatching a plan

As part of a modernization program, K Fresh Ltd decided to renew its coder fleet to enhance environmental performance and operational efficiency. The goal was reached with the complete solution proposed by Markem-Imaje.



SmartLase C350 HD: Think big!

Perfectly suited for food industry printing, the new SmartLase C350 HD coder offers the largest print area on the market. Quick and ideal for printing on yoghurt lids or stick packs, it is ideal for all types of substrates. Finding out about all its benefits is just a few clicks away!

SmartLase C350 HD: Think big!

Faster coding

  • The SmartLase C350 HD can code stick packs over a width of 1200 mm and yoghurt lids over a width of 1000 mm at a maximum speed of 1500 products/min.
  • Coding is possible on very wide wrapping films, whether metalized or not, in PP, BOPP, on cardboard or paper.


Optimized coding

  • Coding quality is close to pre-printing with patented SmartLase Code Technology. Contrast, lines, curves and dots are of excellent quality, even in stringent operating conditions (up to 45°C) without any risk of piercing.
  • Text can be located anywhere on the products and in any orientation. This makes last-minute customization operations easier (flavors, promotions, etc.) and reduces pre-printed film stocks.


Great flexibility

  • Many configurations are possible: choice between 6 lenses to adjust focal distance to the coding area, 3 umbilicals of different lengths and 2 user interfaces (remote touch screen or web interface).
  • The stainless steel printhead comes in 2 wavelengths with 2 types of protection (IP55 or IP65).
  • A dedicated L version is also available for laminated or ultra-thin films.
  • Complies with ISO 13849 pld and Pack ML standards.


Guaranteed optimization

  • The wide marking area minimizes the number of printheads per line and the compactness makes it ideal where space is limited.
  • Maintenance operations are reduced, making its TCO one of the lowest on the market.
  • Modular design makes it easy-to-integrate on any production line. The IP65 option avoids using plant air and water. A fume extractor ensures a cleaner, safer and odorless working environment.



GS1-128: Tracking and tracing down the supply chain

Increasingly, major retail and foodservice outlets are pressing suppliers to use the GS1-128 international coding standard to automate depot management. Via its 5800 inkjet solution in particular, Markem-Imaje is providing industrialists with the means to adapt to these new requirements.

Although no law requires the GS1-128 standard to be respected, distributors highly recommend its implementation, particularly for ultra-fresh food products. It helps automate management of depots and flow of goods, as well as guarantee traceability for each product, monitoring which is now essential in the wake of recent health scandals that required the immediate recall of products in question. Automation has gradually taken off in the UK, is growing in France with the explosion of drive-throughs and should become generalized in the US in 2015.

An exclusive solution

GS1-128 helps identify supply chain units in standardized fashion  (pallets, packs, wrapping films) based on stringent specifications. The GS1-128 barcode must be applied with precision on the packaging and above all have grade C readability or better, for which good contrast is needed. These are stringent technical challenges which suppliers of coding solutions have to be able to meet, while at the same time helping producers reduce investment costs.

For packs, the 5800 inkjet solution is ideally suited to meet specifications, while also offering other advantages. It directly prints grade B barcodes on white backgrounds, whether porous or glossy. No labels are required with the 5800 solution, reducing costs and impacts on productivity: no rolls to change, no stock management... A Markem-Imaje global exclusive, Touch Dry® inks are solvent-free and instantly dry. They never bleed or fade, are environmentally-friendly and easy-to-reload in the coder without halting production. Last but not least, coder cutting-edge design ensures rapid start-ups. 

There is also a second solution, in particular for film-wrapped packs of preserves or jams and brown-colored cases: printing and applying  labels with a 2200 system that can print up to 125 packs/min and 120 pallets/hr. Various applicators are proposed to meet different needs, including the brand new High Speed Flex, featuring innovative technology which makes it possible to apply a label at high speed on the front of a pack without swiveling.

Whatever solution is chosen, a software addition such as CoLOS Enterprise makes it possible to link, manage and control all coders. This optimization process enables automated message selection, provides secure data integrity, reduces human input and ensures direct connection to corporate ERP systems.

Solutions perfectly tailored to each sector!



Exchange or repair?

Two fast and efficient repair services to help you keep your line going…



Plant extension in China

Present in China since 1989, Markem-Imaje inaugurated the extension of its assembly plant building of FengXian, near Shanghai, on December 12, 2013. This new extension should accompany the expected 15% annual growth of the Chinese market. Today, Markem-Imaje already makes more than 10% of its sales in China. The site, which currently employs about 100 people, will see its production progressively evolve from 7,000 to 15,000 printers per year. These printers will mainly be for China and, to a lesser extent, for all the other countries of the Asia-Pacific zone. In addition to large international firms, Markem-Imaje already works for major Chinese groups like the confectionery producer Want Want, the brewer TsingTao or the dairy product manufacturer Mengniu Dairy.