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Hotel Chocolat:
a taste of sweet success

To highlight its delicacies, British premium chocolatier Hotel Chocolat decided to redesign its packaging and gain in operational efficiency, a mission topped with success, to which Markem-Imaje made a considerable contribution.



1050: Industrial printing made easy

Reinforce traceability with 100% scannable barcodes, enable fast printing of serialized data for promotional or traceability purposes, print cartons in dusty environment with full reliability… the new 1050 thermal inkjet coder has several assets to attract manufacturers from all industrial sector. Discover this new coder…

1050: Industrial printing made easy

Secure and easy to use

  • 7” touch screen interface.
  • Intuitive WYSIWYG interface for simple set-up and print preview.
  • Three levels of menu-driven security for different roles and levels of accessibility.


Fast and scannable

  • Ability to print high quality text, logos and high density graphics from 12.7 mm to 50 mm high.
  • 100% readable 1D and 2D barcodes with variable dpi from 1 to 600 for optimized barcode printing.
  • Serialized data printing for product promotion and traceability.
  • Maximum line speed of 190 m/min (660 ft/min).
  • Faster than competition with aqueous inks.


Flexible and industrial

  • Rugged stainless steel enclosure suitable for industrial environments.
  • Simple setup for efficient line changes.
  • Industrial solid-state electronics with no moving parts.
  • Supports up to four 12.7 mm (1/2") printheads or two 25.4 mm (1") printheads or one 50 mm (2") printhead.


Reliable and easy to print

  • Snap-in and out printhead cartridges for no-hassle reliable printing.
  • 680 ml or 1360 ml bulk ink delivery module aqueous inks only – to maximize uptime, reduce TCO, and allow ink refill without stopping production.
  • Draft mode feature and variable print density to minimize ink consumption.
  • Portfolio of different inks for printing on porous and non-porous substrates.



Hygiene: a priority for Markem-Imaje

Hygiene: a priority for Markem-Imaje

Hygiene standards are particularly demanding in the beverage and agri-food sectors.

Three questions for Market Manager Sylvain Clément

Hygiene standards are particularly demanding in the beverage and agri-food sectors. How does Markem-Imaje deal with these "constraints"? An insight from Market Manager Sylvain Clément.

What constraints do industrialists have to face today?
Sylvain Clément: Hygiene regulations concerning food safety are becoming more and more demanding not only in Europe and the US, but also in Africa and Asia. Food scandals (mad cow, horse meat in ready-made dishes, contaminated milk in China, etc.) have made an impact on people and led to consumer mistrust. Inspections are on the increase, particularly in Asia. On the other hand, industrialists are refusing to have their productivity affected by such "obligations". More frequent cleaning and use of increasingly aggressive detergents can damage production equipment and even stop lines. As a result, production equipment needs to be protected and these constraints have to be taken into consideration at design stage.

What solutions can we adopt?
SC: Equipment must be designed in 304L and 316L stainless steel, the only metals that can be used in the agri-food industry. An additional advantage is that these are highly resistant to cleaning agents. Equipment retention areas must be reduced to a minimum to limit the development of bacteria. Water-tightness must be guaranteed via an ingress protection rating of at least IP55 or 56, which ensures excellent protection against high-pressure jets used to clean appliances. Finally, as key-pads are very fragile, touch screens are preferable.

How has Markem-Imaje adapted to these requirements?
SC: Whether laser or inkjet, our ranges perfectly meet hygiene standards. The SmartLase C coder and 9232S printer are particularly suitable for beverage and agri-food markets, and are entirely designed in 304L stainless steel. IP65 rating is proposed as an option for the SmartLase C. Our 9232S printer is IP56-certified, providing protection against high-pressure jets. Free of horizontal surfaces or cavities, they have no retention zone where bacteria could develop. Finally, tightness is achieved in passive mode, without use of plant air, for optimum energy performance.



Plant extension in China

Present in China since 1989, Markem-Imaje inaugurated the extension of its assembly plant building of FengXian, near Shanghai, on December 12, 2013. This new extension should accompany the expected 15% annual growth of the Chinese market. Today, Markem-Imaje already makes more than 10% of its sales in China. The site, which currently employs about 100 people, will see its production progressively evolve from 7,000 to 15,000 printers per year. These printers will mainly be for China and, to a lesser extent, for all the other countries of the Asia-Pacific zone. In addition to large international firms, Markem-Imaje already works for major Chinese groups like the confectionery producer Want Want, the brewer TsingTao or the dairy product manufacturer Mengniu Dairy.