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Hygiene standards are particularly demanding in the beverage and agri-food sectors. What constraints do industrialists have to deal with today? An insight from Market Manager Sylvain Clément.



SmartLase C350 BOU: at the heart of labelers

Launched onto the market by Markem-Imaje a year ago, the SmartLase C range of CO2 laser coders has already become a gold standard, particularly with major bottled water producers and brewers. Today, the range is being further enhanced. Read more...

The SmartLase C range is particularly suited to the requirements of the beverage industry, thanks particularly to its high production throughput and optimum printing quality. The sector's professionals now have yet another reason to adopt the technology: these coders can now be directly integrated into labeling machines by incorporating a few specific improvements.

Technical advantages
Waterproofing and dust protection have been reinforced thanks to an IP65 protection index certified by an independent laboratory. The connectivity between the laser and the labeling machine guarantees that no printing is performed in the absence of a label. The lifespan of the laser head is 30% longer than that of other models on the market, thanks to a cooling system that does not require the use of compressed air. And, above all, a beam extender, known as a Beam Orientation Unit, can be added. The latter makes it possible to move the laser head closer to the labels to be printed, thereby optimizing the distance to guarantee quality marking.

The benefits
For users, these technical improvements offer a number of advantages. First of all, they ensure a very rapid return on investment thanks to the low energy consumption of the SmartLase C. The total cost of the marking operation is also reduced when more than 40,000 bottles per hour are marked. In addition, the use of a laser coder guarantees a better environmental performance and eliminates the daily cleaning and maintenance operations required for inkjet printers. Finally, the use of the laser is facilitated by a highly intuitive tactile interface and the appearance is impeccable thanks to a highly legible code and character fonts that further enhance the product. The new integrated SmartLase C coder cannot fail to be a winner!

SmartLase C350 BOU: at the heart of labelers

SmartLase C350 BOU with its beam extender



Kingsland Wines & Spirits: from vine to label

  • Kingsland Wines and Spirits is Britain’s

    premier independent supplier of wines and spirits.

    Based near Manchester, the company has a headcount of

    over 300 employees.

  • Product quality is essential for Kingsland

    whose prime mission is to ensure close and

    long-standing relationships with its customers.

  • To enhance product quality, Kingsland chose Markem-Imaje

    to implement on-line labeling of its outer packs.

  • The exceptional 560 m length of label and ribbon rolls

    has reduced line stoppages by 25%.

  • On its fastest line, Kingsland uses two 2200 Series

    for increased line efficiency as it allows an automatic changeover

    to be made without operator intervention.

  • Kingsland has chosen Markem-Imaje’s CoLOS Enterprise software

    to design, store and download label information safely.

  • All 2200 Series systems are linked to Kingsland’s computer business system. Productions are securely launched from a central point with a minimum of human intervention.

  • Markem-Imaje’s new solution has enabled

    Kingsland Wines and Spirits to gain

    in flexibility, efficiency and quality.



Plant extension in China

Present in China since 1989, Markem-Imaje inaugurated the extension of its assembly plant building of FengXian, near Shanghai, on December 12, 2013. This new extension should accompany the expected 15% annual growth of the Chinese market. Today, Markem-Imaje already makes more than 10% of its sales in China. The site, which currently employs about 100 people, will see its production progressively evolve from 7,000 to 15,000 printers per year. These printers will mainly be for China and, to a lesser extent, for all the other countries of the Asia-Pacific zone. In addition to large international firms, Markem-Imaje already works for major Chinese groups like the confectionery producer Want Want, the brewer TsingTao or the dairy product manufacturer Mengniu Dairy.