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Buxoplas Manufacturing:
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Based in the heart of the picturesque Peak district, in the north of England, Buxoplas Manufacturing has been specializing in the extrusion of high-quality thermoplastic materials for 45 years. It has a broad customer base, catering to the automotive, manufacturing, horticultural, beverage and public utility industries.



Extrusion: identified needs, a very specific sector

Three questions to Pascal Vergniaud, Product Manager

Flexibility, adaptability, speed… Extrusion professionals are becoming increasingly demanding when it comes to their marking requirements as technologies evolve. Pascal Vergniaud, Markem-Imaje project manager, paints a portrait of the sector for us.

What makes the marking requirements of the extrusion industry different from those of other sectors?
Pascal Vergniaud: The biggest difference is probably the flexibility required. That's because the extrusion sector actually covers a broad variety of different products: primarily wires and cables, but also tubes (for carrying liquids, gases, electricity, etc.) and profiles, made of PVC for example. So the sector is vast and the customers varied. Since their requirements are specific to their particular activities, our solutions need to be tailored to each customer. For example, each vehicle equipment supplier or car manufacturer has different marking requirements (electrical characteristics, standards, metered marking, logo, etc.). The messages are more varied and longer than is the case in the food processing sector.

How is demand changing?
P. V.: There is a growing demand for customized messages, which are becoming more and more complex: presence of logos, number and size of characters, variable data... We are also noticing that our customers are increasingly demanding when it comes to the precise position of markings. We need to guarantee that the marking is legible whatever the diameter of the substrate… from less than 1 mm for fiber-optic cables to over 10 cm for the transport of energy and liquids! The ink used must adhere to all materials and guarantee long-lasting marking, particularly for underground cables or those exposed to harsh environments. The products come in different colors: to ensure contrast and legibility, it is important to be able to print not only in black and white, but also in blue or yellow, for instance. It should also be noted that manufacturers are often required to produce small and medium production runs on demand. In short, the scenarios are endless!

What about print speed?
P. V.: The thinner the cable, the higher the production speed. For example, fiber-optic cable is produced at very high speeds, ranging from 800 to more than 1,000 m/min. compared to an average speed of just 100 to 400 m/min. for a standard cable. To sum up, manufacturers need a significant amount of flexibility in their marking equipment, something that inkjet printing technology can give them.


PRODUCT / 9232 E

9232 E: Meeting the stringent requirements of the extrusion sector



Markem-Imaje UK awarded for its customer service

Markem-Imaje was given the “Excellence in Customer Service” award in recognition of the quality of its customer relations at the PPMA (Processing & Packaging Machinery Association) Awards. Held on June 4, 2013 at the National Motorcycle Museum, in Birmingham (United Kingdom), the ceremony was attended by 400 British industrial companies, gathered to celebrate the performance of national manufacturing industry. An independent panel of judges, made of up packaging sector specialists, selected Markem-Imaje UK as the winner of the award for the best customer service, in recognition of its exceptional capacity to build customer loyalty. “It is very satisfying to win such a well respected award,” enthuses Martin Bailey, UK Operations Manager. “Our team is constantly attentive to customers’ feedback. To ensure total control of our service offer, we have set up a set of key performance indicators, designed to monitor our capacity to meet customer expectations and deliver customer satisfaction. We are particularly proud to be seen as a world leader capable of operating at a local level.”



Markem-Imaje and Applied DNA: An innovative partnership

Wanting to offer its customers the very latest technology, Markem-Imaje Corp. has signed a partnership with the US company Applied DNA Sciences Inc. (APDN), a supplier of anti-counterfeit technologies and product authentication solutions based on plant DNA. With this contract, APDN can now sell Markem-Imaje inks, incorporating a patented SigNature® DNA marker, unique to each customer. These inks are primarily aimed at electronic component suppliers for the US Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), which supplies the US military. According to Christophe Lopez, Vice President, Marketing and Sales for the Markem-Imaje group, the objective of the deal with the APDN is not only to distribute these inks, but also to expand the range, by developing new Markem-Imaje inks incorporating this innovative technology. “This technology gives our customers an unrivalled capacity to guarantee the protection of their products and supply chains,” he indicates.